riparazione iphone

riparazione iphone

Apple, Face ID and iPhone X between privacy and securityApple, Face ID and iPhone X between privacy and securityA moment of keynote Apple, September 12 in Cupertino  Facial recognition is blocked during the presentation, Apple explains why.

On the web many questions about the new technology. And an US senator writes a cuocodal to our sent Send to EmailStampa September 2017170CUPERTINO –

It has not yet arrived on the market and therefore in the hands of users, but Face ID, the new biometric system of Apple recognizing the face of the user on the iPhone X, is already triggering responses. It all starts with the launch of the new smartphone when executor Apple Craig

riparazione iphone

Federighi fails to release the phone with his face. One minute after the Network is flooded with videos, where Federighi is in front of code code entry, which appears when Face ID does not recognize the user, and immediately a second iPhone X that instead responds to the input and unlocks correctly.

A “live” incident became instantly viral. Apple, during the launch of the iPhone X: Face Detection does not match the inRead invented by TeadsApple explained a Yahoo! what happened technically: Face ID according to the company worked properly, entering security mode.

An Apple accident was created, “the many staff members who set up the keynote stage and manipulated the smartphone were under the Face ID, which prevented Federighi’s access to security.

” Come on, the system worked perfectly, there was no mistake. However, it remains to be seen how a biometric system with this sensitivity can behave in everyday life. The delicate element is the insertion of the code. When Face ID stops responding, it requires non-biometric intervention, that is, the password / passcode of the old password to enable the iPhone X.iPhone X,

first contact with the new Apple smartphoneSensing a real-life, prolonged, and in a variety of situations, will give answer to the doubts that circulate on the net, that is, whether facial recognition is a step closer to the Touch ID, that is, mushrooming or if Apple still has to finish the algorithms that govern this new biometric system. And there are questions, including simple

answers and cases to be explored. An example, one of the most common doubts, “what happens if I steal my phone, frame my face and take it away?”, The answer is that to replace the identified ID riparazione iphone

riparazione iphone

on the iPhone, you need to enter code. In our first contact after the presentation, Face ID worked smoothly, but it’s a completely new technology, of course it’s all about testing in the field and long distances. 12 Sep 2017Show the image on TwitterView the image on TwitterView the image on Twitter 1 1 reply 13 13 Retweet 10 10 LikeInformation and privacy of ads TwitterIntanto, a Washington. Senator Al Franken, leader of the Senate Privacy and Senate Justice subcommittee’s minority, wrote to Tim Cook at Apple asking for clarifications on how

Face ID secures the privacy of users. The Network is already full of satirical “memes” that see a big pocket brother in the biometric lens of the iPhone X, and Franken writes: riparazione iphone “I put Cook a series of questions about Face ID, riparazione iphone including tutorials that are offered to users and whether the collected data will be shared or sold to marketing agencies “, asking Apple to respond to its 10 questions by October 13, or a few weeks before the official launch of the iPhone X.

riparazione iphone

In some cases, the answer is already known since the Touch ID,riparazione iphone biometric data is stored in the “secure enclosure” of the main processor, which Apple does not have access to, as has been reported in the case of San Bernardino’s killer iphone, where Apple rejected at FBI, the request for an iPhone unlocking system also in the forensic domain.