It would seem that the future generation of the Apple smartphone, iPhone 8, is receiving more attention, almost a year after the expected time for presentation, than it has racimolata iPhone 7, still cool.

Buona part of rumors and assumptions come from Ming-Chi Kuo, Director at KGI Securities, a company that deals with market research and analysis memo. Of course this information is unofficial and unconfirmed but, citing various unnamed sources, Kuo paints a detailed picture increasingly the future of iPhone.

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Stando for the latest iPhone reports 8 is shaping up to be an unprecedented commercial success for Apple: suppliers and manufacturers are preparing to produce 120-150 million units, surpassing the 110-120 million iPhone generation 6 in 2014. All thanks to savvy updates for both high end models for low end ones.

KGI repeats the allegations previously claiming that Apple will introduce three new models, the two classic from 4.7 and 5.5 inches and a third with OLED display without frames. Early innovations there is a radical change in design that would see a full glass coverage.

iPhone 8, 10 ready prototypes including one with curved screen
Hidden in laboratories in Cupertino, there are at least 10 different 8 iPhone prototypes, and one of these has the curved display spoken of for years.
La above would also facilitate the addition of a wireless charging system that will be present not only in more expensive models, as previously assumed, but that too by 4.7 inches. This in turn will be a factor to be reckoned with that could lead to a significant increase in sales of