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iPhone 8: Apple patents secure the iPhone battery Apple 8 will present a battery that the giant of Cupertino has patented a specific technology. iPhone battery 8 confiscation from Apple iphone to apple
8 which will be released in 2017 will be the product of the future that will replace the S-series. In fact it seems now a reality the choice of Cupertino company not to produce the 7S. The problem that worried her Apple in the past months was the battery, after some of its models have seen auto ignition phenomena, and the explosion of some smartphone competition. So after the various technologies for the operating system on the new iPhone 8, the American giant has studied a possible solution for the battery. This study is then turned into a real project, a specific technology that the American company has patented these days. According to experts from Apple the result was very good, and the iPhone 8 which will be released next year will be more than confident for customers who choose to buy them.

iPhone 8 and the new battery
Samsung issues later on Galaxy Note 7 exploded, and the serious financial damage that this resulted, Apple has decided to take a step back on the design of the new device. Before preparing the battery on the new ‘ melafonino ‘, has created a real model of new conception. Being their idea, settled everything at US Patent * Trademark Office, the Patent Office for intellectual property. According to experts who worked on the project, the iPhone 8 will have no type of risk, and the new battery is a breakthrough in the concept of the power of smartphones.

battery the battery created Apple’s factories will consist of hard materials, and equipped with an innovative system that will manage the pressure between the accumulator and the container. This will give you a complete and functional optimization of pressure, highlighting the space that lies at the heart of an explosion or the classic bulge, as happened in previous cases. This system will be used both for batteries that will go on new iPhone 8 both on Macs that the company will produce over the next few months.