iPhone 7 vetro

If we defined Google pixels in its review as “the iPhone Google” could not fail to compare it to the real iPhone 7 vetro, Apple. This is how the comparison between Apple iPhone and Google 7 Pixels (currently not officially available in our country).

This is a comparison on an equal footing, with many points in common, but also some difference, in addition to the “obvious” from the software point of view.

iPhone from his this year made a big step forward by implementing water resistance, a more powerful processor but losing the audio jack and keeping the amount of RAM and 2 GB (as we shall see absolutely sufficient for the product)

iphone 7 vetro

invented by his offers with Android 7. 1 Nougat an operating system more flexible and customizable, but certainly now more complete and interesting features with concrete,

like the multiwindow mode or night brightness. Pixels iphone 7 offers

its also an extremely powerful Narrator: Assistant. Pity that at the time the service is available in English-speaking markets (as well as Germans and Indians).

A battle on equal terms unfortunately also in price. Great performance though, as you’ll see in the video, the Apple hardware/

software implementation remains unbeatable.
Follow found the video comparison, as well as shots of the two terminals and a gallery of photos taken by both devices. iphone 7 vetro , rotto.

Esta é uma comparação em pé de igualdade, com muitos pontos em comum, mas também alguma diferença, além do ‘óbvio’ do ponto de vista de software.

IPhone a partir dele este ano fez um grande passo em frente, implementando a resistência à água, um processador mais poderoso, mas perdendo o áudio jack e mantendo a quantidade de RAM e 2 GB (como veremos absolutamente suficiente para o produto)

Iphone 7 vetro

Inventado por suas ofertas com o Android 7. 1 Nougat um sistema operacional mais flexível e personalizável, mas certamente agora mais completa e interessante características com concreto,

Como o modo de várias janelas ou brilho nocturno. Pixels iphone 7 vetro Roma

iphone 7 vetro
iphone 7 vetro