The Japanese site Mac Otakara leaves no room for doubt: the new model of iPad by 10.5 ‘ is actually an iPad Pro unframed or Home button.

The next generation iPad Pro will have roughly the same size as the current one, at least judging from the outside; but since they will forfeit their Home key and much of the external frame, will show off a much larger display. There will be only a portion of the upper frame to make room for the iSight camera, but bottom is compressed a lot.


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the thickness of the device will switch to 7 mm, as the original iPad, against the current iPad Pro 7 mm. The iPad Prom Dress by 7.9 ‘ instead will be the size of iPad mini 4, but 4 microphones will be present on both the ‘ old ‘ 3, 5 mm headphone jack.

New model of iPad from 10.5 inches coming beginning 2017?

You heard about a lot in the last few days, the next generation of iPhone for 2017 and any features, but what else Apple has in store for their users next year?

According to some recent rumors the company might return to prominence already in early 2017 with a new model of iPad which would result in the family of Apple tablet by a form-factor different from those already present.

IPad lineup currently consists of 7.9 inch Mini iPad, iPad 9.7-inch iPad Air and iPad Pro Pro by 12 inches. To these should be added, at least believe what is reported by DigiTimes and its sources, this model equipped with a 10.5 inch display.

The new gadget would occupy a position not yet dealt with a proposal usually addressed to the educational sector and to the professional. According to leaked industrial production of the new iPad would begin in December, opening the door for a launch in January or, more plausibly, during March.

As much as it is just unconfirmed rumors the news not raining from the sky. Already in recent days other sources referring to the advent of new iPad from 10. 1 or 10. 9 inches while Ming-Chi Kuo in August, analyst at KGI Securities, suggested the arrival of an iPad from 10. 5 inches.

No word yet what are the characteristics of this new iPad that probably will take a chip A10X but, according to most sources, revolutionary innovations to the lineup are expected for 2018.