Apple will produce in USA? Here’s the Trump strategy to convince the Cupertino company

Ecco like Donald Trump, who has declared war to relocation, wants to convince Apple to produce in USA

American technology giants are the companies whose securities have accused the major losses in the stock market following the election of Donald Trump:

the new President of the United States has declared war on relocation and those who run the greatest risks are mainly companies such as Apple,

who overseas the most factories, where they have the ability to ensure the high profit margins with low production costs by applying u.s. worker


wages that no timetable and would accept.


The Group of Cupertino assembles its products in China, while the components are manufactured primarily in China, Japan and Taiwan,


where, for example, the factories of Foxconn, the company that makes components for nearly all American Electronics giants,

already known to the news of 2010 for a series of suicides among its employees.

apple store milano during the Republican primary, while promising to bring home some production of big u.s. companies,

Trump had repeatedly cited explicitly Apple. “Bring back the jobs, I’ll bring Apple to build its computers into our territory and not in China.

How does that help us if they do it in China? “. That is why the Chief Executive Officer of Apple,

Tim Cook, had supported the Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, organizing a fundraiser for the organization that took care of the election campaign.

Trump also had invited to a boycott of Apple’s products last February, when the company had refused to grant the Fbi access to the iPhone by one of the

authors of terrorist massacre in San Bernardino.


In an interview to the New York Times, Trump said he got a call from Cook, who promised tax cuts so tempting to get him to produce on American soil.


“I told him, ‘ Tim, you know that one of the things that for me would be a true milestone is when I will bring Apple to build a large plant in the United States,

or many large factories in the United States,” said Trump, “instead of going to China, Viet Nam and in places where you go, you’ll make your own here.”


“I see,” was the response of the number one in Cupertino,

which has not yet issued comments on his conversation with Trump. Trump said the account of the phone call explaining that you have offered to Cook

huge tax breaks to get him to produce at home: “we will give you incentives and

I think you do, we will make a very big tax cut for businesses and you will be happy.” The new President has not forgotten even the fight against bureaucracy.

“We need to get rid of the rules, which are making it impossible things,” he said still Trump to Cook, “whether progressives or conservative, I could show

regulations that anyone would agree to find ridiculous, there must be a ‘ free ‘.


Companies can’t even leave, unable to expand, are stifling “.

Gi à Obama administration in 2016 the U.S. manufacturing output had risen to the highest for ten years, but as new technologies allow to produce with less manpower, during an interview with the New York Times,

Trump was asked if he weren’t worried that companies like Apple would Yes repatriated production

but by replacing workers with robots. “They will do it and build robots”, had replied, “at the moment we don’t build robots, we don’t build anything. But we will do it. Robotics is becoming very big.

” Also during the election campaign the new President promised to lower from 26% to 15% the tax rate on profits of big companies and to allow the return of capital held by multinational companies abroad with a real “big waiver”.

So the Apple, he took advantage, would pay just the 10% tax on 216 billion dollars deposited offshore. Cook has stated in the past that would bring.

back again those sums in America if only it weren’t for taxes “unreasonable, retrograde and horrible”.

apple 1The most analysts believe, however, that for Apple to start producing iPhone in Usa all of a sudden it wouldn’t be so simple: in China,

the company can count on a gigantic orbiting complex supply chain around the large industrial center of Shenzhen. It’s an elaborate system iphone.

that could be built in several years, a range of valuable time for technology: in recent years Asian

competitors do a compilation of Apple, as Samsung and Huawei, might take the opportunity to grab market share. The December 21, 2015, in an interview with Cbs, Cook further explained that it is difficult for Apple to manufacture in Usa for lack


of manpower with the necessary qualifications: in fact many areas of American industry are suffering from years of a shortage of labour supply,

being deficient or often lacking of skilled workers, with some professional profiles which are risking literally disappear. Trump has to come to grips with workers ‘ education projects.

Trump is not the only one to think that the answer to the crisis of globalisation is a ‘ deregulation ‘ leading multinationals to return to produce at home.

Even the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, seeks to seduce the Titans ‘ Big Tech ‘ iphone with large tax cuts and the trend looks set to become General among the conservatives.