apple ios 11

New technologies in the heart of the system make your Mac more reliable, versatile and responsive, laying the foundation for future innovations. In MacOS High Sierra, even the apps and features you use every day were completed. It is the highest peak ever achieved by MacOS.

The new MacOS High Sierra is based on innovative technologies that improve the most important functions of the Mac. We redesigned the data storage system and released the full power of the graphics processor to make it even smoother video streaming. So your Mac is ready to keep up with everything you do every day.
This new update will be available from 25 September at 19:00 Italian.

The new version of TVOS 11 GM and watchos 4 GM is obviously just been released for developers paying the Apple developer panel.
We do not recommend downloading beta software, because they have flaws that make it difficult for the everyday use of the product itself.